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At Infinia Staffing, we strive to meet your needs, and then exceed them.  We understand that every venue we serve is different and every client you have is slightly different yet.  With you as our partner, we will implement a team of professionals specially trained to meet your own unique requirements.  We will provide onsite training at your facility to our crew so that we always have a core team ready to work and able to assist your event at a moment’s notice.


Hiring temporary workers saves you time and energy recruiting staff, training them, and eventually watching them walk out the door.  Surely, you have better things to do!  We are here to relieve you from the stress of the endless cycle of hiring and more hiring.  Let us be your partner in finding the right staff to fit your needs without the hassles of endless interviewing.

Infinia Staffing is a fully insured employer.  We provide our own general liability and workman’s compensation insurance.  Be confident that you will be covered in the event of injury on your site.  Never worry about co-employment issues.  We are the direct employer of our staff and do not use independent contractors (not typically covered by workman’s comp insurance).


Contact us for a service quote and rid yourself of the minutia of constant hiring.  We are here to serve you!

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